There are a few reports of Doretti's being raced in the past.  
In the United Kingdom in 1954 Don Truman a well known driver at that time, raced what has been described as a "works" Doretti in one of the support race at the 1954 British Grand Prix at Silverstone and came a credible 20th against the likes of Archie Scott-Brown, Peter Collins, Reg Parnell, Roy Salvadori and Carrol Shelby  

Several Doretti's were raced at Goodwood and race programs show that the likes of D.F. Sidnell, H.W.A. Deacon and J.S. Gamble race their Doretti's at meetings in the mid 50's to early 60's

David Miles traded in his TR2 in 1956 for a Doretti and gained class wins at both Brands Hatch and Staverton and said " The throttle jamming open in my first Spring meeting gave me some excitement as well as the fastest time in my class "

David Miles guns it !!  
Over in the USA, Max Balchowsky decided that more power was needed so he removed the 90 bhp 1991cc TR lump and shoe horned in a 350 bhp 5275 cc Buick V8 engine.